Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner Tonight

I am really looking forward to dinner tonight! Here is why: Orzo-Stuffed Bell Peppers! This is absolutely the best stuffed pepper recipe I have ever had. I have probably made it 10 times and it never fails to be delicious. Today I am giving half away to a friend in need because the recipe makes a lot!
Recipe is here. Here are my substitutions: Instead of zucchini I usually use carrots (because I always have them on hand) or half zucchini, half carrot. I also add ground turkey, chicken or beef to make it a complete meal with protein.

I would love to bring back some form of "Foodie Friday" because I love sharing food and recipes with other people. I'm just not sure if anyone out there cares about my recipes or food/cooking tips. What do you think?


  1. I say do it! I always love to read recipes that people actually use and love. I've found that recipe posts don't get much feedback but like a month later you'll be talking to someone and they'll say, "I made that yummy recipe you posted on your blog. It was really good." I guess people just don't like to comment on food posts. :)