Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Vaccinate or Not?

Ok, I need your help. And by "you" I mean the 5 people that now read this blog. hehe
So last night Adam and I went to Kaiser and got our flu shots. My doctor strongly recommended it for me because I'm pregnant. And even though Adam had never had one before, I made him get it this year for my sake. I can't take care of a sick husband in my condition! Anyways, I get the shot every year so it really wasn't a hard decision for me. I figure pregnant women have been getting the flu shot for years, so they are pretty well informed about it.
The H1N1 shot, on the other hand, is stressing me out. Again, my doctor's office highly recommends it. I mean, pregnant women are dying from the swine flu! But for as much good information I hear about the vaccine, I also hear that it is causing miscarriages. I'm so conflicted! I have a couple weeks to decide, because I can get the vaccine during my next Dr. appt on the 22nd. Until then, I need your opinions. Would you get it if you were pregnant, knowing what you know about the vaccine?

On a lighter note, Adam and I celebrated our flu shots with Olive Garden last night. We were both really hungry, so we got the never-ending pasta bowl. We both ate our first bowl and then got the 2nd bowl of pasta to go. Ever since I got pregnant, it's like I can still eat as much, just not all at once. I have to eat smaller meals every couple hours. Otherwise I will get a horrible tummy-ache. =( And believe me, I got one last night! We asked our waiter what was the maximum number of pasta bowls a customer had ever consumed in one sitting. Can you guess what he said? 13!! I was blown away by that. I bet the person cheated.


  1. YES!!! GET IT!!! it's so scary stephanie. your body is completely immunocompromised by the pregnancy even though it may not feel that way most of the time.. if you were to get the swine flu.. i don't even want to think it. the health of pregnant women deteriorate incredibly quickly once diagnosed and it's so frightening. i've seen too many cases here already this year.

    so please please please if your doctor is recommending it, get it. if not, stay locked up through flu season!

  2. That's a hard one! But I have heard doctors on morning news programs recommending that pregnant women get the shot rather than not. I don't envy your decision. Keep eating that pasta! ;)

  3. This might be tough to hear, Lord knows it's tough to type.

    Yes, in some cases the H1N1 vaccine has caused a pregnant woman to miscarry. In some cases a pregnant woman contracting H1N1 has caused her to die. Ask yourself this, would you rather live and try for another baby (if, worst case senario, you lost your baby) or would you rather (again worst case scenario) die and leave Adam alone to take care of your motherless child (or maybe just leave Adam alone... with no child because maybe it didn't survive H1N1 either).

    That's the worst case scenario, harsh reality. In scenario 1, you take the vaccine, miscarry somewhat early on in your pregnacy, and grieve horribly, but are still able to try for another child in the future. In scenario 2, you don't take the vaccine, you contract H1N1 and get horribly ill. Your body cannot fight off the illness while sustaining the life of you and your baby and ultimately you die.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd vote to take the vaccine. I'll be praying for best case scenarios though either way!

    Oh! And my family and I totally went to Olive Garden on Thursday night, just missed you buy a couple of days! Yummy!

  4. Hmm....I'm still out on this one. At this point I'm saying that I'm not getting it....I don't think you me it's too new and has too many unknowns...I'm lurking on the baby boards to see what others are this point I see that it's about 50/50...I'm sure we'll be discussing it more...