Tuesday, October 13, 2009

160 BPM!!

That's right......we heard the heartbeat! Adam suggested we use our home fetal doppler again to search for the heartbeat. I tried with no success, and then let Adam have a turn. He found it right away! It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Seriously, that sound just made my day. We timed it for 15 seconds, and got 40 beats, which equals 160 BPM. So fast and strong! It was really loud and strong, and then all of a sudden there'd be some fuzzy sounds and then it would be gone. Like maybe the baby was doing little somersaults? How cute! I can't wait to meet this little Nully Baby.

I attended a class today at work where I learned all about maternity leave, FMLA, blah blah blah. It was definitely confusing, but the basic idea is that through my company I can take about 6 months leave. Only half is 100% paid, while the rest is either partial or no pay. Adam and I still have a lot to discuss in terms of our plans after the baby is born. But it feels good to be informed and know what options I have in terms of keeping my job after the baby comes.

Is anyone else loving this big scary storm? I secretly wish it would last all week long. I love the rain! Well, except when I forget my umbrella (like today).


  1. Yay! 160bpm...yep, I'm still betting on a girl!

    Hopefully you can educate me on all the FMLA stuff...I'm sure it's comfusing....

    I'm loving this weather too....not that I dislike the sun, it's just a nice change :o) Did you feel the earthquake???

  2. We sure did! It felt like it was centered right beneath our building. I heard it was only a 3.8

  3. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again