Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dinners 6/30 - 7/7

Veggie Chicken Pasta
Good old Veggie Chicken Pasta. It's one of those dishes I have been making for years and it just never disappoints. You can find my recipe here. On this night I used half a box of bowtie pasta instead of the usual spaghetti noodles. Andrew loved it, and that's saying a lot because he is getting so picky!


Carne Asada Tacos
We had Adam's Mom over for a BBQ and we decided carne asada sounded good. I marinated the meat in some citrus and various spices, but I felt like it was a little bland. However, the homemade pico de gallo I made was great, as was the guacamole. Adam brought home the guacamole recipe from Chipotle, and it really did taste just like it does there! Jan made some yummy mini tacos chips, and I cut up some watermelon to go with the meal. I forgot to take a pic, so this is a pic of leftovers the next day for lunch.


Turkey Lasagna
I tried a new recipe for Turkey and Spinach Lasagna and it was really good!! Unfortunately the picture got lost on my phone somewhere, but the above photo is prettier than mine anyway.


Potato Fritatta, Bacon, Watermelon, Salad

I planned on making a recipe I love for a polenta crusted frittata. Then I switched it to quiche because I didn't have polenta. Then I didn't have time to make crust, so I made up this potato frittata made with eggs, potatoes, onions, and topped with mozzarella. It wasn't fabulous, but it was still pretty good. On the side we had bacon, watermelon, and a simple salad.


Whole Chicken, Quinoa, Broccoli
I made The Best Whole Chicken in the Crockpot and I'm sure glad I did, because I ended up getting an awful migraine that afternoon. The chicken came out perfectly falling apart, and all I had to do was steam some broccoli and cook quinoa for the side dishes. I left the chicken carcass in the crockpot overnight and added water to the top to make homemade chicken stock.


Ground Beef Nachos
Nacho night! I simply cooked some ground beef with homemade taco seasoning, opened a can of black beans, shredded some cheese, chopped a tomato, and mashed a couple avocados. We were running low on chips so I opened a package of corn tortillas, cut them into triangles, and crisped them in the oven. They got a little overcooked but I actually loved them. These nachos tasted amazing!

Adam was proud of his nacho mound, so I snapped a photo.
And then this happened. Ryan devoured his first plate and asked for seconds. I got distracted, so he took matters into his own hands. This was his plate, and yes, I made him put half the meat back. I think my boys would eat a whole cow if I let them!


Chicken, Broccoli, Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil
This was a use-it-up night, since we are leaving on a trip soon. I sautéed some chicken breast and seasoned with garlic powder. I steamed broccoli and topped with parmesan. Then I used up half a box of whole wheat spaghetti noodles and made a quick sauce out of 2 tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and basil from our garden.

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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