Monday, August 7, 2017

Big Girl Bed

On Friday we decided it was time to move Jenna from her crib to a toddler bed!

For over 2.5 years she has slept in here, and until very recently, she was happy in her crib.
Last month she started putting up a big fight at bedtime. She also started trying to climb out of her crib. I can't believe it took her so long to do this! The boys were doing this much younger, by 1.5 years.
So Adam took apart the crib and put Ryan's old toddler bed back together. She tested it out and loved it.
 Jenna had the biggest smile on her face as we all gathered in her room to read books at bedtime.
Adam and I were nervous that she would get out of her bed. When we made the switch with Ryan many years ago it was awful.
But my sweet girl surprised all of us and slept in her bed all night! I gave her a couple books to read in bed and I think she felt really big and special.
Then yesterday she woke up before everyone else and I found her laying in the hallway outside her room reading books. I'm so glad the transition to her big girl bed is going smoothly!

Unfortunately Jenna seems to be done with naps. Instead, I have implemented a quiet time for her, where she must stay in her room and read or play quietly. So far she is doing really really well! She is great about looking at books or playing with her little doll house or play kitchen. I've been putting her to bed a little earlier since she is extra tired without the nap.

Now to get Andrew to sleep in the crib.......

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