Friday, October 7, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #25

I'm back with my 25th Stitch Fix box! I haven't received a "fix" in 5 whole months, (read my last review here) so I was really excited to dig in to this box. After assessing my maternity wardrobe I realized I had a few gaps to fill in. Although I hate to invest in maternity clothes, the fact remains that I will be dressing my expanding body in maternity clothes for approximately the next 6 plus months. (I'm already halfway through this pregnancy...yikes!)

For this box I requested the following items: maternity skinny jeans, a plaid top, Fall colors, a non-maternity cardigan to wear now as well as post-baby, a dolman-style stretchy top/tunic, and dark colored sneakers. I stressed that I like to be really comfortable during my pregnancy, but that I'd also like clothes that make me feel pretty and stylish. I told her I wouldn't mind receiving mostly non-maternity items, as long as I can layer and wear them now, as well as in the future. Like I said, I hate spending money on maternity clothes. It seems like such a waste, and yet such a necessity.
Here is my personalized note from my new stylist. (My previous stylist retired, so I'm kind of starting over with a new stylist who is trying to get to know me.)

"Congratulations on expecting your fourth tiny human, Stephanie! I am thrilled to be styling you at such a special time in your life and in your Stitch Fix journey. I sure hope you are feeling well and have skipped any morning sickness (knock on wood!). The sea sickness bands worked wonders for me. Unfortunately, I had no non-maternity dolman style tops in stock for this Fix, but I think the Laila Jayde maternity dolman will still work fine for postpartum. Wear this top with the yummy deep purple skinny jeans and don't forget the plaid scarf. I picked out the scarf since no plaid tops were in stock, but I will keep my eyes peeled for a plaid top! I went adventurous with my vest choice and chose the boho-inspired Blank NYC to layer your fall colored tops. The cardigan I've included is machine washable, score! Happy styling, lovely. Blake <3 i="">
Well my new stylist sounds nice, right? I think she did a great job listening to my requests, given the fact that she doesn't really "know" my style yet. Here is what I received in my very first Maternity fix:

Chassin Faux Leather and Faux Fur Drape Vest by Blank NYC
Ok I'm just going to say it. This vest scared me when I pulled it out of the box. I'm not really a fur kind of girl. Then I tried it on and thought "maybe??". The faux fur is SO SO soft. And I actually really love the way the rest of the vest looks, where it is a faux leather. I do love wearing vests as a layering piece. I think they can really add interest to an outfit. I own a blue puffer vest as well as a green military vest, and wear both quite often in the cold weather. But the fur lapels on this vest are just not me. It's too fussy for my lifestyle, and although I'd love to be brave enough to wear this, I'm just not. Maybe when my kids are a little older! Status: Returning

Macki Space Dye Maternity Knit Top by Laila Jayde
 Once I decided against the vest I knew I wouldn't be buying all 5 items and taking advantage of the 25% discount. Therefore, I started to look at the other items with a more critical eye. I liked this top just fine. It was comfy and stretchy and potentially long enough to wear over leggings, especially once I'm not pregnant. But once I tried it on I just didn't love the color on me. It was sort of a blah cross between blue and grey and Adam agreed that it didn't do anything for me at all. I tend to shy away from more form-fitting clothes when I'm pregnant because I'm self-conscious about my increasing weight. Although now that I look at these photos I think it looks pretty nice. Status: Returning

Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf by Look by M
I love this scarf! The colors are just perfect for Fall, and I do love plaid. The fact that it contains many colors means it would go with a variety of tops I own. However, this scarf is $34. I just feel like I could find a similar scarf for half this price, and be just as happy with it. I have been wearing scarves more often the past couple of years. They are especially nice in the morning when walking to school in 30-degree weather. So I think I'm on the hunt now for an inexpensive plaid scarf. I've got my eye on this one. I hope I don't regret returning the Stitch Fix scarf. Status: Returning

Adorra Maternity Skinny Jean by Just Black

When I asked for maternity skinny jeans, I had basic blue denim in mind. These burgundy jeans were a surprise, but a really nice one! At first glance they looked a little small, but they fit perfectly. They are so soft. Have you ever heard people describe jeans as feeling like butter? Well these jeans feel like butter. They almost feel like leggings because they are so stretchy and soft. Normally I hate overly stretchy jeans because they sag off of me, but the full maternity panel on the stomach of these jeans means they stay in place nicely. I looked in my closet and found 6 long-sleeve tops or sweaters that would look cute with these jeans, so I think they will be very versatile! And if I don't find a basic pair of blue maternity skinny jeans, I guess I can tuck my bootcut blue jeans into my tall boots and get the skinny jean effect that way. Status: Keeping

Odesza Graphic Print Cardigan by Market and Spruce

I went back and forth about this sweater! It is exactly what I asked for. A non-maternity cardigan that I can wrap myself up in and feel comfy and cozy. It looks great with the burgundy jeans I'm keeping, and it would look great over many different colored tops. The one thing that bothers me about it is the chest/lapel area. I don't like how it draws attention to that area of my body. While I want a warm thick cardigan, I also want it to drape nicely and compliment my figure. When I look at these photos I can see that the sweater isn't incredibly flattering, both in color and fit. (if you want to see what your clothes really look like, take pictures of yourself in them! It's very enlightening.) It was a tough choice but I think I'm going to return this one and request a cardigan in a slightly different cut. Status: Returning

I found a fabulous new pair of jeans in this fix, and I am very happy with my purchase! There are still a few holes in my wardrobe, though. Like some warmer items to bundle up in as temperatures drop. My plan is to immediately request another fix, and then stop them for the rest of my pregnancy. I want to get the most wear out of my maternity clothes, so I want to get them in my closet and start wearing them now. I'll halt all my shopping after my next fix and then take a look at my wardrobe again once I'm losing the baby weight in the Spring.

Have you updated your Fall wardrobe yet? You should really try Stitch Fix! It is SO fun, convenient, and helpful for those of us who need a little style boost. Feel free to ask me any questions about the service, or schedule your first fix here:

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