Monday, October 3, 2016

Two Big Steps

Jenna took two big steps out of babyhood last week!

1. I think Jenna is starting the potty-training process. I am so shocked by this because both my boys potty-trained at 3.5 years. Before that they showed absolutely zero signs of being ready or interested. But Jenna, at 22 months, is basically trying to potty-train herself. It started last week when she told me she had pooped. Even the fact that she tells me and is always correct, just totally impresses me. So when I discovered nothing in her diaper, I was confused. I asked her if she needed to go poopoo, and she said "yes potty". So I put her on the potty and she went! Over the last week she has done it 3 more times.

2. I also made a lot of progress last week in weaning Jenna. I weaned both my boys at 18 months but for some reason it has been harder with Jenna. For one thing, I get mastitis very easily, so even skipping a feeding can bring that on. It has also been more difficult because Jenna is so vocal. She lets me know when she wants to nurse and she brings over the nursing pillow and just gets so excited. I knew I didn't want to continue to nurse throughout my pregnancy, so I made the tough choice of really getting serious about weaning. I cut out nursing before naptime a few weeks ago, so last week I decided to tackle bedtime. I had gone two nights in a row without nursing her to sleep, and I thought we had successfully weaned. But then she had a really rough night and I ended up nursing her just to comfort her to sleep. But I still feel like we're making progress. I'd like to have a break from nursing before I get ready to feed baby #4.

Two steps forward, one step back!

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