Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gender Ultrasound and 21 Week Appt

I had my big ultrasound earlier this week! Adam and I took Ryan along with us so he could see the baby on the screen. We are very thankful that everything about the baby looks totally healthy. And he's still a BOY! The technician was absolutely positive. He is weighing about 1 pound now and has the cutest little profile. He would not stop wiggling and kicking the entire time. Another active baby I guess! Yikes. Because he was so active, the technician wasn't able to get a great picture of his spine, so I may need to go back to redo those images. During the ultrasound he kept opening and closing his mouth, like he was trying to drink or eat. It was fun to see a real live baby on the screen. It makes things a lot more real.

Then yesterday I had my 21-week appointment with my doctor. Here are my stats from that appointment:

Blood Presure: 105/44
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds

We discussed my heart/chest pain, and she didn't really have any new suggestions, other than to go to my EKG stress test at the end of the month to make sure everything is okay. I brought up the idea of needing extra magnesium, since a few people suggested that to me. I had my blood drawn to check my magnesium levels (and once again my blood would NOT come out). My results came back in the normal range, although barely. So I may start taking a magnesium supplement to see if it at least helps with my nighttime leg cramps.

Other than that, the appointment was quick and easy. Baby and I are measuring right on track!

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