Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #22

I'm back with yet another Stitch Fix review! I was planning on taking a break for a few months until it was time to start requesting warmer weather clothes. But then I got a referral credit (thank you to whoever used my referral link!!), and the weather abruptly turned warm here. (Is Winter really over??). So I justified ordering another fix.

Unfortunately, I have been too busy taking care of sick kids lately to update my Pinterest board. And for the first time ever, I told my stylist to just surprise me. I gave her no direction whatsoever, which I realize is probably very frustrating for a stylist. I imagine it is incredibly difficult to pick out clothes for a stranger who you have never met. And then when they give you no hint of what they'd like.....well that makes it nearly impossible. So I shouldn't be surprised that I'm really torn over this month's fix. Please help me decide what to keep, if anything!

Owena Split Neck Tunic by Fun2Fun

This is a purple paisley print tunic made out of a silky soft material. I love the colors and I do like paisley. I'm just not sure I'm a tunic kind of girl. I like the idea of leggings, flats and a tunic in theory.....but do you think it makes me look pregnant? I'm also afraid I wouldn't wear the tunic very often because all I have to wear it with are my black leggings and black skinny jeans. I don't own denim skinny jeans that are slim enough to look right under a tunic. Verdict: UNDECIDED

Demi Pullover Sweater by 41Hawthorn

I wasn't in love with this sweater when I first saw it. It just looked too geometric, or too preppy, or too something. But once I tried it on I realized I loved the colors on me. Red is a color I don't own. And the other color is a brownish charcoal grey, which I ended up really loving. However, this sweater feels more appropriate for Fall then late Winter/Early Spring. I'm not sure I should be buying more sweaters right now when the high for today is 73 degrees. Also, this sweater is ever so slightly itchy. I checked the tag and it is 7% angora! There is no way my stylist could have known that rabbit hair irritates my skin. Verdict: UNDECIDED

Alyzander Split Back Knit Top by Papermoon

This is a really unique top with an open back. I would have to wear a white tank top underneath because as you can see, the back opens up to reveal my skin. I like the idea of this unique feature. However, the front of the top was just too wide and boxy. It did nothing for my figure, so this is an easy no. Verdict: RETURN

Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress by 41 Hawthorn

This dress fits perfectly! It provides great coverage on top, and it narrows right where my natural waist is. It is such a flattering cut. However......I'm just not in love with the pattern! The colors are nice but they don't excite me. Now if this was a beautiful floral pattern or included some lighter colors, I'd be in love. But unfortunately the pattern just looks a little dated to me, like it is something I saw a few years ago. I know I'm being picky.....what do you all think? Verdict: UNDECIDED

Jina Back Slit Knit Top by Loveappella

Oh boy I saved the best, errr worst for last! This top is just all wrong. The don't like the pattern and I hate the fit. Because my chest is large, I need a lower neckline on tops, especially when they are fitted like this one. Just no. Verdict: RETURN

Alright, help a girl out please! Should I send everything back this month? Or should I keep the sweater, dress, or tunic?

As always, here is my referral link for you to try Stitch Fix for yourself!

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