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Day In The Life 2/19/16

Time for another "Day In The Life" post! I try to write one of these every few months because I love going back to read them and remember what life was like at each stage of motherhood. Today is a Friday, which means it has got to be a great day!

12midnight- Jenna is awake and crying I try unsuccessfully for an hour to get her back to sleep.

1am- I bring Jenna into our bed and ask Adam to take Ryan back to his room. (When did he even climb into our bed??)

2am- Jenna is finally back to sleep (in our bed), but she is restless most of the night and keeps me up.

5:30am-I can't take it any more. I take Jenna back to her room and nurse to back to sleep in her crib by 6. I decide to just get up for the day. Adam is already up, so I make our bed and actually turn on the lights to get ready! This is nice because usually there is a sleeping Ryan in our bed so we have to get ready in the dark.

The bottom half of me today: My distressed jeans that I don't really love because they are a little too distressed, and my white converse.

I use this BB Cream, which I got in my Birchbox. I love this stuff! It is basically a moisturizer and foundation in one.

The top half of me:

6:30- Ryan wakes up! He always wants to be held and carried around when he first wakes up.

I fix breakfast for Adam and I. He gets 2 scrambled eggs with toast, and I eat my eggs with some yams I roasted yesterday in coconut oil. (Yesterday I loved not so much) Lucas wakes up and comes downstairs with his stuffed doggy. Adam leaves for work.

I read the Proverbs31 Ministries devotion for the day.

It is "career day" at school, and Ryan is supposed to dress up as what he wants to be in the future. He chooses to be a hockey player. He eats a waffle with almond butter (he thought it was peanut butter, but I told him afterwards, and he just shrugged. Yay, another food I can add to his list!)
 7:40- Me and the 3 kids (and a stuffed doggy) head out the door to walk to school.

Once we're back home Jenna goes in the highchair for breakfast. She has milk, scrambled eggs and yams, plus 2 cottage cheese pancakes from the freezer. She is always hungry in the morning! I blog while Jenna eats. Lucas tries a pancake but doesn't like it. He decides on a smoothie and wants to help me make it. It is his usual concoction of milk, yogurt, spinach, banana, and today he gets almond butter because we are out of peanut butter. I drop the yogurt tub and it shoots out all over the floor. Oh well, I really need to clean the floors today anyways.

8:30 - Lucas takes his smoothie to the couch to watch Paw Patrol. He relays every single moment to me as he watches it. Jenna and I unload and reload the dishwasher. I get Lucas and Jenna dressed, then tell Jenna to sit down and put her shoes on. She actually sits down and tries!

9:30 - We head out the door to run a couple errands. Lately I have been using the single stroller when I'm out with Lucas and Jenna, so that I can intentionally work on Lucas' behavior when he isn't strapped down. I'm trying to teach him to walk by me and not run away. This week he has been remarkably well-behaved! Oh my goodness, my days are SO much better when Lucas isn't throwing nonstop tantrums over everything. He is actually a joy to be around! We go to Kaiser to pick up an antibiotic for me since my ears are still plugged. Then we head to Old Navy to return something and I can't resist picking up this light-weight plaid shirt for the Spring weather we're having.

I'm feeling nauseous and light-headed and I know my blood sugar is getting low, so I buy Lucas some crackers for his good behavior and snag a few for myself.

11:00am - We are back home and Lucas plays with his stuffed doggy and giraffe while I put Jenna down for a nap and start another load of laundry.

11:30am - I get to work sweeping and swiffering the floors. Lucas is chattering nonstop, and he doesn't believe I'm listening to him unless I'm staring into his eyes. "Mommy?" "Yes Lucas" "Mommy?" "Yes Lucas" "Mommy"......he has a lot to tell me. After I clean the floors Lucas and I build block beds for his animals.

12:30- Time for lunch! I sit down to eat some chicken meatballs, carrots with hummus, and 2 cuties. While I eat I fill out Ryan's baseball raffle tickets. It looks like it's about to rain, and I wonder if Ryan's baseball practice will be cancelled today. I make a mug of hot tea because my hands are freezing. I also do a little dinner prep while I'm in the kitchen.

1:00 - Jenna is up from her nap. We walk to school to pick up Ryan. Its getting really cold!

1:30 - We're home and the boys immediately start fighting. Ryan is tired and grumpy, and I bet it's because he brought his entire lunch and snack home uneaten. After lots of begging for a treat, he settles on a bowl of granola for a snack. I feed Jenna lunch while I do more dishes and do a toy pickup around the house. Lucas drinks another smoothie while the boys watch a cartoon.

2:30 - Ryan's baseball practice has been cancelled due to "unstable weather".

My sister stops by with her 3 youngest girls and they stay and play for a couple hours. The rest of our evening consisted of tacos for dinner (taco salads for Adam and I), and a bath for all 3 kids. We miraculously got all 3 kids to sleep by 8pm and then watched the latest episode of Top Chef. Overall it was a great day!

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