Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ryan's Art Projects

I shared on Facebook recently a drawing that Ryan had done.

He had never shown an interest in drawing or coloring before, but being in Kindergarten has brought out his inner artist.

He loves drawing and creating little presents for people. He'll get out his construction paper and start asking me how to spell things. I've probably told him how to write "Happy Valentine's Day" about 200 times this month! He loves making envelopes and stapling and cutting the papers into shapes
Ryan tends to get really frustrated when his drawings aren't just right. He is constantly asking me to help him draw things, and he gets mad when I don't draw it perfectly. Sorry Ryan, Mommy isn't an artist!
He makes art projects for his friends at school, for Daddy, and for his grandparents. He recently had a friend over and the next day he made him an envelope that said "Thank you for coming over. Love Ryan".

I love seeing this new side of him!

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