Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started on a high note when Adam announced Friday night that he didn't have to work the next day! This was nice because he's on call to work 3 Saturdays in a row and two little boys hadn't seen their Daddy since Wednesday. Unfortunately things went downhill a little bit when I realized that Jenna had caught our cold.
First thing Saturday morning I took Jenna in a steamy shower to help decongest her. It was deja vu from last Saturday, when I held a sick Lucas in the shower.
Here's Ryan showing off his long lashes for me. I'm jealous! His scratches and bruises are from his little brother.
I did a little grocery shopping with Jenna while Adam and the boys played out front at home. It reached almost 70 degrees on the last day of January!  Later in the afternoon I baked a pie. I recently read an Amish novel where they kept mentioning a "Sugar Crumb Pie". Well I couldn't get that darn pie off my mind so I made it and had my first taste of dessert in a month. Yum!
Saturday night I propped up Jenna in her bassinet and turned on the humidifier. She was mesmerized by the mist.
Ryan ended up in our bed Sunday morning around 6am. Jenna was too congested to sleep, so she spent a little time talking with her big brother.
 Lucas woke up and went into the playroom. After a while I realized he was awfully quiet. I went in and found he had stuffed 6 hotwheels into his diaper. A new record!
Adam took the boys out to drive RC cars with their cousins later in the morning. I took advantage of my time by taking a shower, putting down for a nap, doing laundry, organizing my pantry, and mixing together a big batch of bread dough. If you'd like to try an easy bread recipe, this one is the perfect one to start with. 4 ingredients and no kneading necessary.
The boys came home and built a fort out of couch cushions. It's a daily occurrence around here.
We spent a couple hours Sunday afternoon doing yardwork out back.
Adam mowed the lawn for the very first time since the sod was put in last month.
While the boys and I took selfies.
We Barbequed steaks for dinner. Ryan concluded the weekend by telling me "I love baby Jenna so much I love her more than God!"

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