Friday, February 20, 2015

Jenna: 3 Months

Happy 3 months baby Jenna! (1 day early). 3 Months is supposed to be a "golden age" when babies stop crying so much and start interacting and smiling more. This was certainly the case with your brothers. You've never been a big crier so I don't notice much difference with you now vs last month!
Ryan has many nicknames for you. Sometimes it's "Goo-boo or chubby face. One day he called you "Little Trash Can" all day. I think his little names for you are too cute!
Adam and I call you "goo-goos" a lot because you LOVE saying "Ah-goo!". I can have an entire conversation with you, going back and forth saying "ah-goo" to each other. You love talking!
Getting you to sleep in your crib at night was a total fluke this month. Your brothers were both sick so I stuck you in your crib one night in an attempt to keep you away from their germs. And guess only woke up once all night! You've slept in your crib every night for the last week, only waking up to nurse once around 2-3am. I am so blessed by your nighttime sleep.
Naps during the day are not so good, but I'd prefer you to sleep well at night if I had to pick one! During the day I spend a lot of time trying to get you to sleep for naps. I place you in your crib and it seems like you are asleep, but then you'll wake up 3 times in the next twenty minutes and I keep having to put you back to sleep. You average 3-4 naps a day, each around 30 minutes.
You drool a lot now. It's almost like spitting instead of drooling. You also started spitting up this month. You love sucking on your hands and if I didn't know better I'd think you were about to cut a tooth!
You aren't quite rolling over (both your brothers were by this age!) but you certainly wiggle and squirm around a lot. If I put you in your lamby seat you immediately try to sit up and move around. You hate being on your tummy so I'm not sure you'll be rolling over anytime soon.
Just for fun, here are pictures of you and your brothers, all at 3 months of age. Serious Ryan, Goofy Lucas, and Sweet Jenna. I think you look more like Ryan than Lucas. You are also smaller like your brother Ryan. Lucas had 2 pounds on you guys at this age!
I'm excited to see more of your little personality emerge this month. I love you sweet Jenna Mae!

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