Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Week 5

I am 5 weeks into my quest to lose the baby weight. And although I did pretty good this week, I definitely feel myself losing the motivation. It's not always fun eating tons of vegetables and drinking water all day long and going without lots of treats! I did have a few treats this week, though. I ate a big serving of homemade pie last weekend as my 1 special dessert for the week. And I had a small piece of chocolate after dinner about 4 or 5 nights this week.
I lost 1 pound this week, which honestly surprised me. I weighed myself over the weekend and I hadn't lost any weight at all for the week. 1 pound lost is still 1 pound in the right direction, so I'll take it!
Lbs Lost So Far: 13
Lbs Left To Lose: 18
I think what trips me up a little bit is snacking after dinner. I find myself cleaning up in the evening and suddenly a bowl of cereal sounds good. Then I pack Adam's lunch and nibble on the food I'm packing. And once I have a snack, it makes me want to eat more. This week I'm going to try hard to stop eating once dinner is over. Of course if I'm honestly hungry I will have a snack before bed. But I'm usually eating out of boredom, or because I think "I had a rough day with the kids, I deserve to sit and eat in silence".  So hopefully this week I will stop the after-dinner snacking and rediscover some enthusiasm for this weight loss journey!

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