Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: A Wash

Week 7 of my diet started out poorly. I was recovering from being sick, and then I over-indulged this weekend on desserts for Valentine's Day. By Monday morning I was ready to get things back on track, so I started taking pictures of everything I ate. Knowing I had to share these with the blog world definitely motivated me to clean up my diet! I weighed myself Sunday night and I was actually up 1 lb! By this morning I was down 1.5 lbs, for a total of only half a pound lost this week. I'm going to just call this week a wash and keep my pounds left to lose at 15.
Lbs Lost So Far: 16
Lbs Left To Lose: 15
Here are the two days' worth of meals that I documented on Monday and Tuesday.
 Breakfast: Oatmeal made with milk, flax and cinnamon. I topped it with banana and almond butter. Coffee with half n half on the side.
I took the kids to the park for lunch. I ate some popcorn, cucumbers, cuties, and cheese rolled up in some lunchmeat.
That afternoon I grabbed a handful of cashews.
Dinner was some BBQ'd shredded chicken, a yam topped with butter, kale chips, and steamed broccoli and carrots.
A little after dinner wine.
Tuesday Breakfast: Black coffee, boiled egg, bowl of Puffed Kamut topped with frozen blueberries and milk.
Lunch: Carrots, cucumbers and crackers dipped into jalapeno cilantro hummus from the Farmer's Market!
Lunch didn't fill me up so I ate a delicious bowl of yogurt that afternoon. This is Fage full fat plain yogurt with maple syrup drizzled in. Also Lucas' all time favorite snack. (Or meal)
Dinner: Salmon, raspberries, cornbread, broccoli.
1 square of peppermint dark chocolate after dinner!
I think the time has come to start exercising. Diet alone can only get me so far....I also need to burn more calories during the day by getting my heart rate up. Here's the thing though.....I really don't like to exercise. It's fun if I have a buddy to walk with but I don't really have that up here so I'm not as motivated. This week I'm going to try to exercise 3 times, though. That could be a long walk pushing the double stroller or maybe a workout on TV. I'll report back next week on what I did! (Anyone want to join me for a walk?)

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