Monday, October 7, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #2

I got my 2nd Stitch Fix box in the mail today! Once again it arrived a day early, and I pretty much ripped the box open in excitement. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my post here, which describes what Stitch Fix is.

In a nutshell, it's a personal styling service. You give them your information and they hand-pick 5 items of clothing for you. Keep what you like, send back what you don't. You pay $20 for the box, but if you decide to buy anything, your $20 gets applied towards your purchase, so it's not wasted. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now! It is so much fun. If you do try it, please use my referral link. (I get $25 in credit for each person who signs up).

OK, on with the review!

Fate Leora Striped Open Draped Cardigan
This is an "Aztec" style cardigan, which is really popular right now. Not at all what I had in mind when I requested a cardigan, but a fun surprise! It was incredibly warm and cozy, but my skin started to itch a little after wearing it for a while. That, combined with the high price made me decide to send this one back. My specified price range is "the cheaper the better", which means everything is less than $50. This was my first piece they have sent me that was over that range. Although I must add that Adam really loved this sweater! He tried to talk me in to keeping it.

Tua Rowson Shoulder Button Striped Shirt
I immediately liked this striped top. I like blue, I like stripes. It feels very "me", if that makes sense. I decided to keep this one, even though it feels a little safe and predictable. The buttons on the shoulder make it a bit more special, though. And the fabric is incredibly soft.

Kensie Kaine Floral Print Skinny Jean

Then there were these floral jeans. I immediately wrote them off because, well, they are floral jeans! I realize that is trendy right now, but just not for me. But the longer I wore them, the more I liked them! Stitch Fix is sneaky like that....they make you try things on you would NEVER pick up in a store, and somehow you end up liking them! Ultimately I said no to these pants because they are pricey and I couldn't figure out what top to wear with them. Although they would have been a unique addition to my closet. (Adam really liked these as well)

Velvet Heart Dixen Mixed Stripe Button-Up Blouse
This top was an definite no because it reminded me of the top I hated from my first box! I did like the button-up sleeves, and I would like a tab-sleeve top, just in a different color. I think they chose this for me because I told them teal/aqua was one of my favorite colors. I just don't like it on this top for some reason.

Evolution by Cyrus Val Metallic Hi-Lo Knit Sweater
I liked this sweater, just wasn't in love with it. I went back and forth on this one, but ultimately I don't think the color does anything for me. And I'm not sure if you can tell, but there's a sparkly metallic thread running through it that for some reason makes it look a little cheap to me. It was actually the cheapest item in my box, at $25.

So even though I only kept 1 item from this box, I felt like it was better than my first box. Everything fit really well, so if they can just figure out my style a little better, it will be a home run! I have had a few friends sign up using my referral link, which means I have some credit to spend. (Free clothes!!) I hope you don't get tired of seeing these reviews each month, because I plan on doing them at least until my credit runs out. If you had received this box of clothes, what would you have kept?

Here's my referral link again! You need to try Stitch Fix!


  1. Loved your Stitch Fix box! I can't wait to get my #2 Stitch Fix in a couple weeks!

    Can't Stop Subscribing

  2. Good choice on the top! Although you can pull off all the items! I love the stripes. Stitch Fix is so fun! I've done one so far. :)