Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Made My Day

Whew. Today was one of those days. If you have little kids, you certainly know what I mean. Both boys are kind of sick, so this was a contributing factor to the extremely high level of whining and crying in our house today. Ryan has a cough, but otherwise seems fine. Lucas has no symptoms (except a fever Sunday night), but something seems to be bothering him.
Lucas was whining, crying, and screeching for most of the day. He would want to be picked up, so I would pick him up. He would point and scream for something, so I'd walk over and try to figure out what he wanted. I don't think either of us knew what he wanted. I would put him down and he'd either flop on the floor and bang his head repeatedly against the nearest hard surface, or pull on my legs and scream. When Ryan sees him doing this (always, not just today) he will come over and whine to be picked up. I know it's jealousy, but I never know what to do in this situation. If I pick up one, the other cries even harder. Sometimes I pick up both, but this is a no-no right now since I've hurt my shoulder. Other times I try to drag them both over to the couch, both clinging to my legs and shirt. I sit down and try to let them share my lap, but one will always try to shove the other off, or one (Lucas) will bite the other one. Oh boy.
Trying to give both of them the attention they want is hard sometimes. So at the end of days like today, I just try to think back to all the good things that happened. Like the fact that we made it to the park with minimal crying. We got to spend time with my oldest niece. Lucas didn't hurt himself when he fell out of his crib. And Ryan told me he loves me no less than 20 times today.
That last one definitely made my day.

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