Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hits and Hugs

Lucas, oh Lucas. You are such a crazy little boy these days.
I feel like once you turned 1 year old, you somehow became a 2-year old. Does that make any sense?

On the one hand you are becoming so expressive. You are talking more and doing so many funny, silly, adorable things. Your facial expressions are great and I love watching your reactions to things. You don't hold back in expressing your joy and excitement while playing. You are so much fun! When you are in a good mood, you are so sweet. You come up and give me hugs all the time.
But when you are not happy, watch out! Your lung power is impressive. When you are upset, you LET US KNOW IT. It's like you've got this switch that gets flipped between pure joy, and total crying meltdown status. You hit out of frustration and anger.
You also have a bad habit of throwing everything.
 But the fact that you said "Mama" for the first time this week more than makes up for it.
I hope you continue to be your fun-loving, expressive self! With a few less hits, please!

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