Friday, December 7, 2012

Lucas: 6 Months

Dear Lucas, you are half a year old!
This past month for you was all about grabbing at things and putting them in your mouth. You want to touch and taste everything single thing. Probably because you got your first tooth this month! One of your bottom front teeth sprouted through, and the one next to it will likely cut through soon.
And speaking of teeth, I've finally figured out why your tongue is constantly hanging out of your mouth. It's because you're feeling your new tooth! Seriously, your tongue is never inside your mouth.
You cried a lot less this month. As long as you are well-rested and being held a lot by Mommy, you are a very happy little boy. You willingly smile at anyone and love when we play games with you like peek-a-boo, tickling, and making funny faces in the mirror. But if you're tired? Oh man, you sure can cry.
I'm trying something new this week in order to teach you some good sleeping habits. I will blog about it in a separate post. Prior to this week you were still sleeping in bed with me for most of the night, waking up every couple hours to nurse. But I am hopeful this will soon change!
You continued to try new foods this month, including pears, squash, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, peaches and beef. You enjoy eating solid foods, although you aren't a huge fan of sitting in the high chair yet. You do love eating bananas inside of a mesh feeder. It's messy but really fun for you! I still nurse you around 5 times per day and I really cherish these times with you because I know you will soon be a big boy eating meals at the table with your brother.
You are growing up so fast. I know it sounds cliche, but the time really is flying by with you. It seems like you were just born, but now here you are, rolling all over the place, weighing over 16 and a half pounds, and laughing at your big brother's antics. It seems like any day now you will stand up and take off running after Ryan.
 Slow down sweet baby Lucas!

Love, Mommy

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