Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weighty Wednesday: Walking Along

Here I am at week 10, with 10 pounds lost! Yep, another week with a 1 pound weight loss. Maybe I can shoot for 2 this week? I did so well with my walking this week. I took a couple small walks last week. Then on Sunday I walked 1 mile home from the grocery store while wearing Lucas. Tuesday I walked for 1.5 hours (the boys were asleep....I couldn't stop!) And today I walked 2.5 miles. Lots of walking!

I did pretty well with my goal of smaller portions last week. I have also given up dairy, and that has been a bit challenging. Meals and snacks that I would normally eat have to be re-thought. I can't just grab some cheese and crackers or a bowl of cereal!

Week 10
Lbs Lost So Far: 10
Lbs Left to Lose: 15

Goals: Both Adam and I are trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. So my goal this week will be two servings at dinnertime. It could be as simple as some broccoli and a salad, or maybe a veggie with dinner and fruit for dessert. Tonight we had bell peppers with dinner, and watermelon for dessert.


  1. Great goals Steph, and way to go on your weight loss already! You are making great progress!!

    Have you tried almond milk as a replacement for milk? That's what I use and I love it! (I have lactose intolerance issues, that's why I use it, but it's also very low in calories and tastes great!)

  2. I have tried Almond Milk and it's not that bad! I'm all out, so I'll have to get some more today at the store. I'm trying to not eat so much cereal though because I can eat a TON of it. =)