Monday, September 3, 2012

Lucas: 3 Months

You are 3 months old today Lucas! This is an important milestone because 3 months is often referred to as the golden age, when babies stop crying so much and become much happier and easier in general.
You seem to have things a little backwards. I still would not call you a very difficult baby, but this past month there has been a lot of crying and fussing going on around here. You are always happiest first thing in the morning after you have nursed. But as the day goes by, you become increasingly fussy and needy.
Those morning happy hours sure are fun though! You are becoming so responsive and trying to communicate with us. When I talk to you I get lots of coos in return. It is really like you are trying to talk to me!
You are tipping the scale at 13 lbs, 12 oz, according to our baby scale at home. (2 pounds heavier than Ryan was at this age!) You are growing so quickly! Every week I have to put more clothes away in storage because you have outgrown them. You are already starting to wear some 6 month clothes.
You have developed an intense hatred for your carseat. Every time you are in it you scream and cry. It makes driving anywhere a bit stressful for me. I hope you outgrow this quickly, because there are so many places I want and need to go!
Your sleeping habits are pretty good, but I see room for improvement. I nurse and rock you to sleep at night and place you in your crib, swaddled and with the sound machine on. When I first started doing this a few weeks ago you would sleep for about 5 hours before waking to nurse. Now you're up again within 30 minutes, and often again once or twice before settling down for a 3-4 hour stretch. During the day it can be really hard for me to get you to fall asleep for a nap. The second I lay you down you wake up and cry. I know what the books say to do to remedy this.....(put you down sleepy but awake so you learn to fall asleep on your own, and repeat as necessary) but I just can't spend all day doing this when I have a toddler to watch! You average 3 40-minute naps.
You can now roll over from your tummy to your back. You usually do it out of frustration because you don't really enjoy tummy time. You often try to sit up and you love standing up with a little support. You already seem like such a strong boy!
Your hands are in your mouth constantly. You drool so much I can't help but wonder if you will get your first tooth soon!

Happy 3 months sweet boy!

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  1. I follow your blog because my DD was born the same day. I could have wrote this EXACTLY about her.