Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ryan has been in speech therapy for about 5 months now. He's learning new words every week and putting many 3-word phrases together. It is so much fun to listen to him talk! Most of the time he is pretty easy to understand, although he does have a few key phrases that definitely take some deciphering to figure out. Here's what he's been saying lately:

MommyDad or DaddyMom: He recently started referring to Adam and I as one of these two names. We're not quite sure why he's combining our names. It's like he doesn't want to stop to see who he's talking to, so he just says both names in hopes that one is right.
Shhhhh a Baby: This is definitely something he picked up from me. I am constantly telling Ryan to be quiet because the baby is sleeping. Now he says this back to me, and even to the dog when he barks!
Ssss-Ahhh Big Gung-Gung: First off, it's important to note that the "gung-gung" is a soft G sound pronounced without really opening his mouth. Got it? "Sss-Ahh" means "stuck" in Ryan language. The "gung-gung" sound is what Ryan does when he's referring to a car or truck. So he's telling me that his big car is stuck. He was recently given  a really awesome used Peg Perego John Deere Car by some very kind neighbors of my parents. Unfortunately that battery died shortly after we got it and we can't get it to work anymore. Therefore Ryan's big car is "stuck". The poor little guy asks about it approximately 100 times per day.

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