Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weighty Wednesday: Steady But Slow

I don't really trust my bathroom scale. I always weigh myself a few times each Wednesday morning just to make sure I get a consistent reading. Today it wavered between me losing one and three pounds. I'm going to stick with one, since that's the most conservative amount.

It seems that my body has decided one pound per week is a good amount to lose. And I'm OK with that. I'd like to lose the weight more quickly, but as long as I'm losing and not gaining, I'm happy. But 16 more weeks feels like such a long time to wait to see my goal weight!

Week 9
Lbs Lost So Far: 9
Lbs Left To Lose: 16 

Goals: One of my goals this week is to focus on slightly smaller portions. I'm talking about leaving a bite or two on my plate at dinner. And cooking smaller portions for meals so that we aren't tempted to eat everything just "because it's there".

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