Monday, June 25, 2012

Wishing Away the Days

I can't wait until Ryan is mobile. Then I can finally put him down and get some things done!

Once Ryan is talking, it will be easier to get my point across to him. Hurry up and talk!

This infant stage is so demanding. I can't wait until Lucas is more independent.

I can't wait until Lucas is old enough to play with Ryan. They will entertain each other for hours!

Once the boys are in grade school I will finally have a little free time.

I am constantly finding myself impatiently day-dreaming about how much easier and more enjoyable life will be once my children are "just a little bit older". Once they're at that next developmental stage, life will surely run more smoothly, right?

Why am I always wishing away my days as a mother with young children? Even if life will be easier and I won't have to spend so much time taking care of others' needs, is that what I really want? In the moments of changing diapers and dealing with tantrums, yes. That is what I want!
But at the same time, people tell me that these young years are precious. They will never be this little or innocent or helpless again. They will only get older and more independent. Maybe that's not what I want after all.
How do you live in the moment as a Mom, rather than always wishing for the future? How do you appreciate this very moment, even when your children are being difficult?


  1. Wrote about it a couple years ago. I think that living in the moment is the best thing you can do for your awareness. :)

  2. Ahhh and I see I had the same issue back then! I was the first commenter. =)

  3. I think for me, documenting the little "everyday" moments that make me smile really helps. Like a cute conversation with Susannah, or something silly she did. When she was younger I did even more- tried to record something new she as doing every few days at least. (just in a word document on my laptop so it's always readily available) Recording things helps me to focus on what she is doing and learning *right now* and enjoy the person she is at present.

    Now I try to record something a few times a month!

  4. Everyone has the television version of Mommyhood. Everyone. People without children have no clue how hard it is! Every day has dirty something--dishes, diapers, backyard. And every day is the same. No adult conversation. Everyone is complaining. Every day. So you think: it will be better when...(fill in the blank). You have a brief period of respite when they go to school. Some freedom. Then they hit the teen years. You'll wish they were little again! There's parenthood for you! And besides--you're really really tired! It gets better when they're about 30. Then you wish they were little again. Well, for about a nano-second.