Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Alone

Yesterday was my first day on my own as a mother of two. While it definitely had its challenges, the day went as well as could be expected. Here's a summary of half our day:

-Change 2 poopy diapers.
-Make Ryan and I a speedy breakfast while a hungry Lucas patiently waited in his Pack N Play.
-Nurse Lucas while eating with one hand. Ryan ate peanut butter for breakfast.
-Remember to feed dog after he throws up.
-Lucas naps so I put on a Mickey video for Ryan while I clean last night's dinner dishes as well as those from breakfast.
-Lucas is still asleep so Ryan and I vacuum and pick up all his toys.
-Ryan dumps out all his blocks that I just cleaned up.
-I get myself and Ryan dressed, then sit down to nurse Lucas again.
-Ryan climbs up on the couch and bites Lucas. Ryan gets a timeout.
-After his timeout Ryan unlocks the back door and runs outside without any shoes on. He slips in a puddle and lands flat on his back, smacking his head on the tile.
-I change Ryan into dry clothes and make sure his head is okay.
-Meanwhile Lucas is throwing a fit.
-Finish nursing and clean up Ryan's blocks again.
-Start a load of laundry.
-Change poopy diapers.
-Start preparing lunch while holding Lucas. Ryan dumps out his blocks again.
-Ryan unrolls half a roll of paper towels.
-Ryan and I eat lunch. He eats 4 noodles and a fruit pouch.
-I load Ryan and Lucas in the car in order to drive Ryan to sleep for a nap.
-Ryan falls asleep. I carry Lucas inside, then bring Ryan inside and lay him in his bed. He wakes up.
-Lucas is asleep in his carseat, so I lay down next to Ryan to get him back to sleep.
-I doze off but Ryan does not. Just when Ryan is getting sleepy the dog barks and wakes up Lucas.
-I have a small breakdown and fear that Ryan will never nap again.
-Nurse Lucas again. Ryan is extremely grumpy.
-Meanwhile, Ryan unlocks the back door again and runs outside shoeless.
-This time I get up and yell at him to come back inside.
-He comes inside and brings me a gift.
-It was a piece of dried bird poop.
-Change poopy diapers. Wash hands really well.

All in all not a horrible morning. I managed to keep my boys fed and clothed, and even did some dishes and laundry! But Ryan progressively got naughtier as the day wore on. By the evening he had received countless timeouts. Let's hope he takes a nap today and behaves himself!


  1. Oh my gosh, that's not a horrible morning? I would need several mojitos to get through that!!! I hope he naps for you today, dear!

  2. Um, well that's a typical day for Ryan. Just makes things a little harder when I can't give him all my attention because of the baby......