Sunday, June 10, 2012


So far Lucas is what I would call an "easy" baby, if such a baby exists. He sleeps a lot during the day. He does have some periods where he is awake and calm, as well as times when he is awake and fussy. But he nurses really well and in general seems satisfied afterwards, usually falling asleep. A dream baby! Nights are a different story so far, but that is a post for another time.
Thinking about Lucas so far makes me wonder what it would be like if he was our first baby. Would we think he was easy? I'm not sure. To a new parent, any baby is difficult to take care of. But when Adam and I compare Lucas to Ryan as a baby, Lucas is a peace of cake! I've caught myself wondering what I would do with all my free time if Ryan weren't here. If Lucas was my only child, I'd probably take lots of naps and have an immaculate house. Ha! Or not.
 Ryan so far is quite a loving big brother. He gives Lucas lots of kisses. Lots and lots. All the time. It's really cute, except Ryan doesn't understand his own strength, or just how fragile Lucas is. Sometimes he accidentally smothers him when he's really trying to be gentle. Other times he does deliberately hit Lucas or throw things at him, and we are trying really hard not to let this happen. We've probably told Ryan to "be gentle" about a million times this week. But I know this is part of him feeling jealous, so I'm trying to spend extra time with him whenever I can. I can't wait until Ryan and Lucas can play together!
So yes, I am truly blessed so far with Lucas. What does cause me some anxiety right now is handling Ryan and Lucas together. Luckily Adam is at home for a couple weeks to help me with this transition. I know it's something I will adapt to once I find my routine.

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