Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2-Year (22 Month) Checkup

Ryan had his 2 year checkup today, although he's just barely 22 months old. I am happy to say that this was the best pediatric checkup Ryan has had since birth! He didn't cry the whole time, and we didn't spend the entire time talking about my long list of concerns. Here are his growth stats:Weight: 24 lbs, 9 oz (16%) (Up from 13% at his 18 month)

Height: 34 inches (45%) (Up from 30% at his 18 month)

Head: 19 inches (47%) (Down from 64% at his 18 month)

Still a small guy but definitely growing!

I expressed my frustrations with timeouts. So far they don't work. Ryan giggles and thinks it is a game when I try to get him to sit on a chair for a minute when he's been disobedient. His Dr. suggested using the corner of the room for timeouts, and blocking him in sitting with my back to him. It doesn't even have to be a long time....1 minute at the most. But the point is to make it a non-fun and boring experience for Ryan. We'll try it and see what happens!

Ryan's Dr. said that we can switch him to lowfat milk once he turns 2. I'm still undecided on when I will make the switch, since he is on the smaller side and could probably use the extra calories for now.

We talked about Ryan's development, and other than his speech delays, he is doing really well. He was such a pleasant little boy at the appointment that he even waved goodbye to the Dr. at the end!


  1. Glad to hear such a positive update about Ryan! I know you have had more than your share of challenges with him, but it sounds like he is doing better :)

  2. SO TRUE about the time-outs. Our "YumYum"does the same thing. She thinks time-outs are absolutely hilarious, and the only way she will stay in the corner is if I stand with her... oiy. Watching lots of Super Nanny these days, and lots of praying too! Let me know if you find out something that works for your Ryan! I'm reading a few books right now too on toddler discipline (well- they're on my nightstand at least). :)

  3. Hey 007! How are you guys? Well I had to try a timeout this morning after Ryan slapped me across the face. I stuck hiim in the corner and sat in front of him, with my back to him. He HATED it, so I guess it worked? Hasn't hit me since!