Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ryan's a pretty tough boy overall when it comes to pain. He falls down and bumps himself all the time and never makes a peep. So when I heard a crash yesterday followed by screaming, I knew he had actually hurt himself. Ryan fell off our desk chair when it rolled out from under him, and gashed his forehead on the corner of the desk leg....the metal corner. When I first saw it, it looked really bad. Lots of blood dripping all over the floor, Ryan, and eventually my shirt and hands. His forehead had a very definite indentation and I pictured Ryan with a hole in his forehead for the rest of his life.

Once I got it washed up it looked better, although it kept oozing all day long.

I eventually got a bandaid on Ryan's head and he fell asleep in the car. But for the rest of the day, he kept ripping off his bandaids. I found bloody bandaids stuck to the wall and furniture all afternoon.I know that with 2 little boys in this household (plus Adam!) this is only the beginning of many "owies".

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