Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Know Your Child

Ryan was being extremely difficult this afternoon. 3 time-outs in the span of 20 minutes. I decided to get us out of the house and go to the library. I had never let him roam free at the library before, but I figured he might be old enough to behave in the kid's area while I picked out a few books for him.

Bad idea.

If I had stopped and thought about Ryan's personality for even a second, I would have known better. I know my child, and I know that he does not like to stay in one area, be contained, or be told which way to go. When we got there he immediately grabbed a book off the shelf and ran for the door. I caught him just before he made it outside and brought him back. He then proceeded to scream and throw books. I gave up and left, carrying him out kicking and hitting, telling him that we couldn't get any books if he didn't obey me.

Once outside we both saw the park and I instantly knew that's what he needed. Some physical exercise and fresh air. Just as I suspected, he was instantly giggling and happy.

Of course another tantrum began as soon as I picked him up to leave. But for a little while, I was able to make my child happy!

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