Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Terrible Phase

Please be a phase. Please be a phase.

For the last week Ryan has been, well, terrible. As in a terrible 2-year old.

Don't get me wrong, he's had tantrums before. He's been difficult before.

But this week? He has taken the terrible 2's to an entirely new level.

Nothing makes him happy. Every other sound screeched from his mouth is "MEY!!!", which I have quickly realized means "MINE". Everything belongs to him. If I dare hold something near him that he wants, I better watch out. It could be a pen, a book, a toy, my hairbrush. It will be yelled at and quite possibly hit if Ryan thinks it belongs to him.
By this afternoon Adam and I were both at a loss. We could no longer make Ryan happy. So we made ourselves happier by doing what we each enjoy. For me, it was baking donuts.
For Adam, it was working on a home project. In this case, painting one of the walls in the nursery.

And Ryan got an early bath, which temporarily made him happier.

Please tell me my sweet little boy will be back next week?

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