Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ryan has always been a bit behind in his language skills. If you remember, just a month or two ago, he only had 4 real words. After talking to his Doctor we agreed to participate in a speech class for Ryan. Our hope is that Adam and I can learn some tips to use at home with Ryan to help him with his speech development. I think we would all be happier if he was able to communicate more with words!

Just this past month, Ryan has started to make some real attempts at saying words. Some aren't necessarily words, but at least he is trying! Here is a breakdown of Ryan's language right now.
Mommy: Mama

Daddy: Di-Da

Dog: Di-Daw

Cat: Mow

Uh-Oh: Uh-Oh

No: No

Yes: A Giggle

I don't know: "No" with a open palm hand gesture

Baby: Bebe

Star: Shh-Ahh

Frog: Fff-Ahh

Fish: She

Mickey: Me

Cookie/Cookie Monster: D

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  1. sounds like he is definitely making progress!! :)