Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Due Date

I met with my midwife yesterday for my monthly checkup. After reviewing the results of my ultrasound and noticing that baby has consistently been measuring big, she officially changed my due date to June 7th. Just like that I lost 8 days of my pregnancy! That puts me at almost 23 weeks now. It's going by so quickly! Here are my stats from yesterday:

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds
Blood Pressure: 126/76
Baby's Heartrate: 140 bpm

I was a little concerned about my weight gain. I gained 7 pounds this past month, whereas they recommend only 1 pound per week. I looked back at my blog post from when I was at this stage with my first pregnancy, and guess what? I gained 7 pounds in one month, bringing my total gain to 18 pounds. Exactly the same as this pregnancy. So I asked my midwife and she didn't seem concerned. She said she would only worry if my blood pressure was also increasing, which it isn't. When I was pregnant with Ryan, I didn't gain a single pound between weeks 24 and 30. Maybe that will happen again?

Baby is kicking quite a bit now, particularly right after I get up in the morning and right before bed. My appetite is pretty normal, although I'm starting to get my appetite back for chocolate and other sweets.

We really need to start shopping for the few baby items we need, as well as start setting up the nursery. I know the next few months will go by quickly, and I want to feel ready for this baby!


  1. With Susannah I gained 80% of my weight during the 2nd trimester. (about 5% in first and 15% in 3rd) My doc said she had a similar pattern with her pregnancies. Everyone has their own weight gain pattern, and sounds like yours is right on track for you! :)

  2. Hey, that sounds great! Losing 8 days of pregnancy (whether real or imagined) would make me feel pretty good.
    I gained weight differently with both my kids, and with Remy, one month I gained 10 lbs! But apparently it was all normal.
    I guess when they move up your due date you start to feel the pressure to get things done. Grow baby grow!