Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weighty Wednesday: Round 4

Well it's that time again. Time to lose the baby weight. Ugh. I mean, woohoo! This will be fun!

I gained a total of 43 pounds during this pregnancy. Since giving birth I have lost 21. The majority of that was in the first week, and then the rest in the second week. I haven't lost any more weight these last two weeks. That means I have 22 pounds of baby weight left to lose, but I'm going to add 5 more on to that to bring me to my ideal weight.

I know it's only been a month since birth, but I'm anxious to start fitting in to some regular clothes. I am so sick of my maternity clothes! Plus most of them are for the Winter, and I'm ready to wear some cute warmer-weather clothes. I'm also excited to have more energy. It can get tiring walking around with an extra 20-30 pounds on my body!

So how do I plan on losing the weight? I'm not really sure. What have you done to lose baby weight? In the past I have set a new goal each week and that seemed to work. For example, one week I'd give up sugar. Then the next week I'd make a goal of eating 3 vegetables per day, or walking 30 minutes every day, etc. Basically I slowly started incorporating healthier habits in to my daily lifestyle. This week I'm just going to start paying more attention to what I'm eating and how much I'm moving. Fewer white carbs and sugar, more fruits and veggies, and hopefully more walks with the kids. I'm starting out slow because this whole life-with-4-kids thing is still pretty crazy.

To kick off my 27-pound weight loss I'm going to try to take a picture of everything I eat today to share on here next week. That always helps keep me accountable.

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