Monday, March 13, 2017

First Week At Home

Warning: Lots of baby photos ahead!
 Andrew has been home for a week now.
 So far his siblings are completely smitten with him!
When Andrew was 6 days old I started putting him on his tummy to help him strengthen his neck muscles. I turned around for a second and he rolled over!
Yesterday he was having tummy time again and he rolled over 3 times! I think we've got a strong little guy on our hands.
Jenna calls Andrew her "brother baby".
I tested out the Baby Bjorn this week to start getting Andrew used to being worn. I'm going to have to wear him when I take and pick up Ryan from school, since my hands will be pushing the other two in the stroller.
 I feel like Andrew looks so different already! In the hospital his face was really pudgy but now he sees to have thinned out. Or maybe he was just swollen during his first week of life.
 I took these pictures the other night and when I looked at my phone I thought "who is this baby?"
So far Andrew is sleeping pretty well at night. He goes to sleep around 9pm and gets up at 1am and then 4 or 5 to nurse.
We've been calling him "Angry Andrew" because he always has a grumpy look on his face. He has a wrinkle right between his eyes that makes him look like he's frowning. He also has a really loud cry and he gets quite upset when he's hungry or tired!
During the day he is much more awake and alert. I'm glad he already has his days and nights figured out!
Now we'll see what life will be like with Adam back at work. I'm curious to see how the other kids react to getting less attention. Life is about to get crazy!

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