Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Big Kids

We interrupt the abundance of baby Andrew photos to share a few updates on "The Big Kids".

Jenna is officially lumped in with her older brothers and labeled a big kid. Because let's be real, she's almost on the same maturity level as them!
 Lately she's been acting like a sassy little teenager but it's impossible to be mad at her!
Poor Ryan. His school called me Friday morning and asked me to come get him because his eyes were basically swollen shut. This was him at home after the Benadryl. Apparently it was even worse at school. The doctor confirmed he was dealing with really bad allergies, but he also diagnosed him with Allergic Conjunctivitis, which is a non-contagious form of pinkeye caused by allergies.

Lucas has been surprising me with how gentle he is with Andrew. And of course he adores his little sister and never leaves her alone.

The weather has been so beautiful that we've finally been spending more time outside. (Hello allergies!)

The big kids have been practicing their flips.

And my biggest "kid" has been keeping busy with odd jobs around the house. Today he made a carpenter bee trap for our backyard. I had never heard of these before we moved up here. They are huge bees that burrow holes in wood, so they like to hang out in our yard right near our wooden overhang.

I told him he needs to build us a mosquito trap next.

I'm sure I'll be sharing more baby pictures in my next post!

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