Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Andrew: 1 Month

My sweet little baby Andrew, you are already 1 month old!

So far I would say you are not quite as fussy and your older brothers, but definitely not as content as Jenna at this age. You prefer to be held a lot, and you aren't happy just laying by yourself. The evenings are the worst, when you have your "witching hours" while we're trying to eat dinner and get ready for bed.

Speaking of bedtime, you are doing okay at night. After the big kids are in bed I typically nurse you to sleep around 8:30 or 9. I can usually place you in your bassinet next to our bed, and you will give me a good 4-hour stretch of sleep. But then from 1 or 2am until the morning, things are a big of a blur. You usually end up sleeping next to me in bed and nursing off and on. It's not ideal but I'm in survival mode right now, so any sleep is welcome.
Your appearance is changing so much every day! Once the initial swelling went down your face started to look a lot smaller, and your nose looked bigger! Ha. You seem to have what we call a "piggy" nose. You can really see it in this picture.

The other day I heard Lucas having a little conversation with you. He said "Now Baby Andrew, Mommy can't hold you all day! She has to get snacks down for me from the top cabinet. So you need to stop crying, ok?"

You are such a strong little boy!! When you were just a week old I put you on your tummy and you rolled over. Since then you continue to roll over pretty much whenever you are on your tummy. Your body feels very hard and muscular to me. I remember when Jenna was a baby she felt so soft and squishy. (And she still does!). But you are solid!
 I was trying to take your 1-month pictures but you were just intent on looking out the window!

You gave me a couple little smiles this week. I love when my babies start to interact more and smile. I can't wait to hear your little giggles!

I mentioned before that you often seem uncomfortable. You are constantly grunting and straining like you have to poop. You are also a master burper. I burp you multiple times during your feedings and you almost always let out a loud burp. You are also my first baby that I felt hiccupping in utero, and now you often get the hiccups. You're just full of air!
I love you so much Andrew! You were such a surprise addition to our family but now I can't imagine our family without you!

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