Sunday, October 4, 2015


A few updates from the week:

Ryan: Ryan got sick late in the week and stayed home from school on Friday. What seemed like a basic cold turned worse that night and he was throwing up half the night with a fever. Last night was a bit better but every time Ryan gets sick, he hallucinates after waking up in the middle of the night. For about 10 minutes he is extremely frightened and he sees things that aren't there. He screams for me when I am right in front of him. It's tough for Adam and I to watch but we've learned to expect it whenever Ryan is sick. Thankfully he seems to be feeling better today, although he has a persistent cough. One good thing that happened was on Saturday night. Ryan had taken a long nap that afternoon so he got to stay up later than his brother. I brought him into our bed and gave him a big stack of books to read. He sat and "read" to me. It was really sweet and extra special because I rarely get time alone with Ryan these days.

Lucas: Lucas' behavior really improved last month. Fewer tantrums and aggression, which I really appreciated! Unfortunately his behavior took a turn for the worse this past week. Honestly, I feel like a hostage negotiator with him, like I have to watch what I say because the wrong word could tip him over the edge. I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we are torturing him because all he does is scream. On the flip side, we had a really fun field trip to Bishops Pumpkin Farm with his preschool class last week! Lucas had a ton of fun! And yes, I got him a haircut and packed away his floods after looking at this picture.

Jenna: This little girl loves pulling up on everything to stand. That's pretty much all she wanted to do this week. She stands up and just watches the craziness going on around her. The other cute thing she has been doing is clapping whenever she wants something. If she sees a piece of food she claps until I give it to her. If I say "yay!", she starts clapping. If I sit down in the rocking chair to nurse her, she claps. She's our happy clappy girl. (She even claps when I call her that!)

Me: Nothing much new with me. I'm mostly just tired from being up all night with a sick Ryan. I've been putting my hair in a side braid quite a bit, although it never stays in place. I can't stand wearing it down. My hair is just so thick. And my loose waves have slowly become tighter and crimpier and closer to my scalp as I've gotten older, so it is near impossible to straighten. In short, I really dislike my hair right now. I'm seriously considering cutting it short. I just don't know what to do with it anymore. Any hair experts out there who want to weigh in?

Adam: Hmmm not much new with Adam either. He currently has like 5 projects he is working on at our house. Painting our master bedroom, fixing our bathtub, planning to build a deck, buy a shed, etc. Surprisingly he isn't building any furniture right now or working on any car projects!  Earlier this week we got a grocery delivery from Safeway. The guy handed me these 9 small containers of ice cream. I told him 5 times that I hadn't ordered any ice cream. He finally told me "Look Miss, you're my last stop of the day. Just take the free ice cream and eat it." This was probably the highlight of Adam's week.


  1. Shorter = curlier, at least for me. But I say embrace the curl!

  2. Yes, shorter will make it look wider too. I think I'd just like to trade hair with someone!