Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #19

And just like that it's time for another Stitch Fix Review! I feel like I'm always talking about Stitch Fix, or people are always asking me if what I'm wearing is from this company. I can't help it...I love this service.

This month I had some specific requests for my stylist. Jenna is being dedicated at church this weekend, so I requested a dress that I could wear for this occasion, as well as to church throughout the Fall and Winter. I also requested some more feminine pieces this time. When I was looking in my closet at my winter clothes, trying to figure out what to ask for, I noticed something. All my long-sleeve tops are solid colored and kind of basic. So I asked for some pretty florals and feminine colors to help me feel a bit girly this Winter. My stylist did an excellent job fulfilling my request! The styles she picked for me this time were SO close to what I had pinned on my Pinterest board. The fit was a bit off with some of the pieces, though, as you will see below. I did find a couple beautiful items, so read on!

My note from my stylist reads: "Hi Stephanie! I am so excited to see that you are loving the moody floral trend this fall! I can't wait for you to try on the dress I found you by Everly. It comes in a gorgeous purple and has a beautiful floral pattern that is more bold than busy and will be easy to wear. Style it for your daughters dedication with a blazer and some pumps. Another option is to layer on a cardigan ad a skinny belt to give your figure some definition. This dress can also be worn casually with the Brixon Ivy cardigan and your booties for a fresh fall look that is perfect for a dinner out with your husband. I loved the plaid tunic on your Pinterest board and am so excited for you to try on the En Crème piece I found for you! Wear it with your leggings and booties while picking up your kids from school or running errands on the weekend! Enjoy! Heather

(One of my kids changed a setting on my phone and now all my pictures are kind of faded and fuzzy looking. Sorry!)

Emilee Dress by Everly
The first item I pulled out of my box this month was this purple floral dress. I was immediately intrigued by the pattern and style of the dress. It wasn't something I would typically reach for in a store, but the colors and pattern of the floral are perfect for Fall. This dress would also be great for Jenna's dedication. Unfortunately, the fit of the dress was just not perfect. It felt a bit large and shapeless. I think that's the way it's supposed to fit, but I'm not sure. If I were to size down, the dress would be too small in the chest. I could try to belt it, but I don't own or wear belts. So I will be sending this dress back. I think that unless you have a perfectly proportioned body, dresses can be really hard to fit. I do already own two dresses from Stitch Fix that I love, so I will probably end up wearing one of those this weekend. Status: RETURN

Pinson Drape Cardigan by BRIXON IVY
Next up was this beautiful cardigan. This cardigan is the definition of feminine. It is flowy and drapy without being bulky. It is soft to the touch, the colors are muted, and the pink underlay of fabric is just so pretty.  I paired it with a basic white tank top, jeans, and my nude flats. It makes me feel girly and pretty, and I already wore it to my Mops group this morning. I will probably get another month of wear out of this item, and then I think it will be perfect to pull out again in the Spring. Don't you agree? Status: KEEP

Kenrick Split Neck Top by Fun2Fun
This next top is nice. It is soft and it fits really well. While the mix of patterns is a little busy, the black and white makes it a pretty versatile piece. It would be cute under pretty much any color cardigan. Unfortunately I just don't need another top like this right now, so I will be returning it. If I had kept all 5 items for the 25% discount, I would have been happy to add this top to my closet. Status: RETURN

Noa Plaid Dress by En Crème
I squealed when I saw this next item folded up in my box. I am loving plaid for this time of year. I pinned a plaid tunic on my Stitch Fix Pinterest page, and mentioned that I would love a plaid shirt long enough to wear over leggings. When I pulled this out my box and saw that it was actually a dress and not a tunic, I was pretty disappointed. Then I tried it on and I was even more upset. Quite honestly, it looked like a nightgown on me. Ugh.  If only it had been a tunic! Status: RETURN

Benter Mixed Material Top by Kut From The Kloth
This last top that I unwrapped from my box was perfect. Perfect colors, fit, cut, style.....everything about it was exactly what I had asked my stylist for. I love the "moody" floral pattern on the front. I also love that it is toned down a little bit by the basic gray sleeves. (Which by the way are SO soft!) It looks great thrown on over jeans, and I also think it would look really nice dressed up with my dark gray jeans. BUT. I was a naughty girl and I did a little shopping online right before my Stitch Fix box arrived this month. I purchased a very similar top, as you can see above. Adam actually told me I should keep the Stitch Fix top anyways, and just have two similar tops. And I was very close to agreeing with him. But in the end my practical side won out and I decided to return this lovely top. I may regret it, but one bonus is that now I have a little more money in my clothing budget for my next Stitch Fix box! Status: RETURN
Do you think I made the right decision this month? I have two more days until I have to return the items I do not want to purchase, although I'm pretty set on just keeping the cardigan. Here is my referral link if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself!

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  1. Where did you get the similar "knock off" top, I love it!