Tuesday, October 27, 2015

90 Percent Potty-Trained

I blogged about potty-training Lucas a few months ago, and I bragged about how well he was doing. And he was. But then he wasn't. We went through 1 or 2 months where he was in underwear, but having multiple accidents every single day. All over the place. It was gross and frustrating.
I am happy to report that things have improved dramatically! Lucas started preschool at the end of August and I was worried that I'd have to pull him out because he still wasn't potty-trained. But I think being in that setting around other kids who use the potty has really helped him. These days he is in underwear almost all day, with only occasional accidents!
Our next goal is to tackle nighttime. When Ryan potty-trained, he just magically stayed dry at night. We put him underwear and he pretty much never had an accident at night. I think we got really lucky with him. Right now we are putting Lucas in a diaper at night, and he is waking up with it wet. So how do I know when he is ready for underwear at night? How do I train him to hold it while he's asleep? This is new territory for me!

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