Friday, August 7, 2015

Surgery, Soccer, School and Sicknes

I've been trying to think of something to blog about for the past few days. I have a few fun things I want to talk about on here. But every time I sit down to write, I'm too overwhelmed with life to concentrate. So I figured I would just be honest and write about the things that are overwhelming me right now.

First up, and definitely the most worrisome to me, is Jenna. Last month I noticed a small hard bump on the side of her head, above her ear. It is underneath her skin but kind of lodged into her skull. I took her to the doctor, who then referred me to the pediatric neurosurgeon. They determined it is most likely something called a dermoid cyst. A harmless cyst that formulates while the baby is in the womb, and slowly grows over time. Because it will just keep getting bigger, the surgeon recommended we have it removed. Jenna's surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. While I realize this bump could have been much worse things, I am still worried sick. My fragile baby is going to be put under and have her head cut in to. I'm trying my hardest not to think about the details too much, but it's like a dark cloud hanging over me. I can't relax until this is over and Jenna is declared totally healthy.
Ryan has a lot of exciting things going on. He starts school in less than two weeks so I have been getting things ready for that. He also started his first soccer season yesterday. I bought him new cleats and shin guards and he was so excited to go to his first practice yesterday. Unfortunately, about an hour before were supposed to leave, Lucas threw a toy tractor at Ryan's head at close range. He got a giant goose egg bump on his head (what is it with my kids and their heads???) and ended up laying down with an ice pack for a long time. He was so sad that he couldn't go to practice. I was extra nervous about his head last night because of his skull fracture last year. He still has a big bump today but seems to be okay.
(I think they look like each other here!)

Lucas is sick with a cold right now. If you know Lucas, you know he can be quite a handful. But when he's sick he becomes a handful x1000. If he isn't whining, he is acting aggressively towards us all (Ryan's head), and I am in a battle with him all day long. I do feel bad that he is sick but I am also just so frustrated with his behavior. I am also still trying to potty train Lucas in preparation for preschool starting this month, but things are not going well at all.
(Ryan and Lucas having "cleat" races)

In addition, Jenna has now caught Lucas' cold. She is a snotty congested mess, and she was too miserable to sleep last night. Jenna had her pre-op appointment yesterday and her surgery may need to be postponed if she isn't better by Monday. I definitely don't want to risk complications if she is still sick, but I really just want to get this surgery over with.

In the middle of all this, Adam and I have been participating in a pretty intense workout and nutrition program. (More on this later!!) We have committed to doing this for a certain number of days, which ends on Sunday. I can't wait to relax a little on Monday after the surgery and just order a pizza or something. I have had to think and cook so much lately, and I'm just feeling worn out.

So that's where we're at right now. So many worries on my mind that I am trying to give over to God and have peace about. We have one week left of summer and I want to just enjoy our freedom without these worries.

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