Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ryan's First Day of Kindergarten

Well we both survived Ryan's first day of Kindergarten and I'd say we did quite well!

I wasn't sure what to expect from Ryan. I absolutely cried my eyes out on my first day of Kindergarten. Ryan is also quite shy, so I was half expecting him to do the same. But we had talked about Kindergarten so much this summer that I think he was just really ready to experience it.

He chose a new shirt to wear and in typical Ryan fashion, only ate a couple bites of breakfast before he was ready to go. We snapped a few pictures on the front porch first. Ryan told me "I'm a strong man now Mommy".
Once we were in the schoolyard Ryan looked around for people he knew but unfortunately he doesn't have many friends yet. I hope that changes for him really soon!
I'm pretty sure Lucas thought he was also going to school. He seemed just as ready as Ryan!
The teacher told everyone to line up and just like that, I had a Kindergartener! Ryan lined up and waved goodbye to us.
We live only one block from the elementary school, so I told Ryan I might walk by during his recess to peek at him. He told me he would look for me and that he wanted me stand out there the whole time. Well I went by during recess and he was happily playing. After school he told me he forgot to look for me. I told him it was okay.  I was just glad that he was having fun playing!

One of the first things Ryan told me when I picked him up was that he had forgotten to eat his cookie! For some reason he thought they got 3 breaks to eat, so he was saving it for the last break, after he had eaten his lunch. I assured him he could eat his cookie at home. Haha. He also told me he saw another boy eat only half his lunch before eating his treat. And that Ryan knew that wasn't the right way to eat his food. I thought this was so cute. Apparently he has been listening to a thing or two his Mommy says! Here are the before and after pictures of his lunch:
The poor guy dropped his opened banana on the ground so he had no snack today.

Once we got home Ryan told me that he had been missing me while he was at school, but that he did want to go back tomorrow. I told him I missed him too. It felt really strange for Ryan to be away from me for so long.  Ryan has been with me almost every minute of every day for the last 5 plus years. To have him suddenly be gone for half the day just feels weird, like part of me is missing. I was trying to explain this to Adam, but he didn't really understand. I'm sure it will feel more normal as the school year continues. I'm just so happy that Ryan had a good first day of school!

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