Monday, August 3, 2015

Lake Tahoe Vacation

I have so many great childhood memories from going on vacation with my family! I want to try to create those same memories for my kids, so my goal is to plan a little vacation for us each year.  Last week we loaded up the car (seriously, it was loaded to the max) and took our first trip as a family of 5, to Lake Tahoe!

After just a 1.5 hour drive we were at the Lake.
We ate our packed lunches and headed down to the sand! The weather was absolutely perfect. Highs were in the low 80's. Twenty degrees lower than where we came from!
 After a couple hours we drove a few blocks to our rental house. The boys had been talking about our "blue beach house" for weeks leading up to our trip.
 Inside it was tiny, but just what we needed for a couple nights.
We made tacos for dinner and headed out for an evening stroll to check out our neighborhood. We saw some big houses and some weird trees.
 The next morning the boy were ready to head back to the beach.
 So was Jenna!
But first we headed over to an outdoor mall to do a little shopping and eat lunch. The boys loved looking at all the boats. (Especially Adam)
 Ryan and Lucas got ice cream cones for lunch!
 That afternoon we played in the water.
 And my sister brought her kids up to join us at the beach!
I love this next picture. See that look on Lucas' face? I see it all the time. It means he's about to do something very naughty.
 That night we made pizzas at our lake house and then I went out on a walk with just Lucas.
 We found a giant ant.....
 But mostly Lucas just had a lot to talk about. That boy sure has a lot to say!
 After our half mile walk Lucas decided he was too tired. So Mommy carried him home.
 The next day was our last day in Tahoe.
We were a little "beached" out. So we drove around looking for something to do before heading home. Ryan was tired and carsick and grumpy.
 We finally found a dam with a bridge to walk across.
Then I noticed a little path leading out to the lake. Adam wasn't sure if we were supposed to be down there, but I insisted we go on an "adventure".
 It ended up being one of my favorite parts of our trip! This area was totally secluded.
 So we skipped rocks and enjoyed the cool morning air. It was really nice.
We ate lunch on a picnic table by the river before driving home. Although it was a lot of work taking 3 little kids on a trip, I am so glad we went! I wonder where we'll go next year?

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