Friday, August 21, 2015

Jenna: 9 Months

This was a pretty big month for you Jenna! You had some gross motor milestones and your little girl personality has really started to emerge.
It's no secret that you are a little slow with your gross motor skills. Your big brothers started walking in their 9th month! You are still taking your sweet time with these skills, but you did master sitting up this month. You are also an expert at the army crawl. You scoot all over the place and you are starting to move really quickly!
You are still on the small side, measuring just over 17 pounds. Your hair is looking more and more sandy blonde everyday. Depending on what you are wearing, your hair can also look quite red.
Your skin is definitely the same as your Daddy's, with lots of pink undertones. Your brothers and I look so tan next to you!
Speaking of those brothers, they just love you to pieces. Ryan is so good with you. He loves sitting and holding you (if you'll let him!), and he asks constantly if he can pick you up and carry you around. Lucas is still learning how to be gentle with you, but he loves trying to play with you like you are a little doll.
You have started to get really frustrated when you don't get your way. If I take something from you, you will start shrieking and crying. You also get really upset when you are contained because you would rather be moving around and exploring.
While I sometimes wish you were still a content little baby who never gets upset, it is fun to see your personality changing and emerging. (Sometimes!)
 This new frustration makes taking your picture pretty hard!
You absolutely love eating finger foods. Some new foods this month included parmesan, beans, salmon, tomato, lentils, bell pepper, and quinoa. You also tried spaghetti and absolutely loved it. When you're eating something you really like you make these cute little sounds. If you could talk I'm pretty sure you'd be saying "yum!"
I forgot to mention this last month, but you learned how to nod and wave at people. You still love smiling at other people, but hate if anyone besides me tries to hold you.
One word we used to describe Ryan at this age was "serious". When Lucas was 9 months old I asked Adam to describe him in one word, and he chose "crazy". This month our word for you is definitely "happy". We've got a serious, a crazy, and now a happy. A perfect mix!
I love you so much my sweet Jenna Mae!
**Jenna's surgery for the lump on her head is scheduled for Monday morning. Please pray that everything goes well and she has an easy recovery.

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