Sunday, August 9, 2015


I went ahead and postponed Jenna's surgery because she is still pretty sick and congested. As much as I want to just get her surgery done and over with, I really don't want to risk running into complications because of her cold. I'll keep you all posted on her new surgery date.
In the spirit of postponing things, I told Adam today that we needed to put all our household projects on hold and spend some family time at the park. It feels like we're always trying to get things done around the house and constantly telling the boys "hold on", or "later" or "I'm busy right now". I've been feeling pretty stressed from taking care of sick kids and worrying about the surgery, and I just wanted to have a little family fun.
We ran around with our soccer balls and Ryan practiced for soccer practice.
Wow Lucas is good with a soccer ball for a 3 yr old. I can't wait to see him actually play in a couple years.
Jenna even got in on the action with her ball!
It was really nice to just relax and spend time playing together. How was your Sunday?

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