Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lucas' First Day of Preschool

Lucas started preschool today! Lucas is attending the same in-home preschool 2 days a week that Ryan went to last year. It is on our court, which makes it SO convenient for me! I think I'm really going to love walking both boys to school this year.

Our morning started out really rushed. Ryan had stayed home sick yesterday so he was moving a little slow this morning. We walked him to school and then rushed home to take Jenna to the doctor. She has been sick all weekend and was up almost all night last night. She was diagnosed with her first ear infection today at the doctor's office. My poor girl is so sad and pitiful.

So after all that it was finally Lucas' big moment.....his first day of preschool!
Per Lucas' request, we did a few silly poses. He was really excited to go! He was anticipating doing lots of painting and eating lots of snacks.
 Lucas was doing fine until he realized I wasn't staying. He thought I would be staying at preschool with him.....and I saw him tearing up when I left.
But when I picked him up he was so happy and the teachers told me he did great! He had immediately perked up once I left, and even used the potty twice while there. (He's not doing quite so well with the potty these days, so I was a bit worried about that). Lucas also made a new friend, which didn't surprise me. He's a pretty social little boy.
So other than all the sickness in our house, the first couple weeks of school are going really well! I had 1.5 hours alone with Jenna today when both boys' school time overlapped. It was really strange, really quiet, but also really really nice!

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