Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day! Have I ever mentioned that Adam is an excellent gift-giver? He has the ability to come up with the perfect gifts for me....functional and practical, yet meaningful and often something I would never have bought for myself. He is also great at making and building things for me.

This past week he was out in the garage a few nights making a surprise for me. I could hear him using the sander and the saw, and I could tell that Adam was getting excited to give me my Mother's Day gift because he kept mentioning it. He knew he had come up with the perfect gift for me and he was really proud of his idea. This morning he surprised me with my Mother's Day gift:
Can you figure out what it is? It's a cookbook holder!
I've been wanting one of these to put on the counter for at least a couple years, but never got around to buying one.

I love the greyish tone of the wood. Adam sanded, stained and then re-sanded some leftover wood that was laying around in the garage.
 He bought a $1 hinge to make the back:
And voila! A beautiful rustic looking cookbook holder! (I'm sure I'm over-simplifying the process). We've been changing a few things up in the d├ęcor of our house lately, and the phrase we keep using for what we like is "Farmhouse Chic". Ha! I think this cookbook holder fits in perfectly with our look.
Isn't my cookbook holder such a special Mother's Day gift?

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