Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jenna: 6 Months

Happy half birthday Jenna!
At 6 months old you are still just as sweet as can be. You are such a happy, content baby. This month you became much more wiggly and curious about the world around you. You aren't scooting around yet, but you roll all over the place.  (You've mastered flipping over while I change your diaper. Frustrating but so cute!) You love being sat up to see better.
You have absolutely mastered your eye/hand/mouth coordination. You love reaching out to grab toys and put them in your mouth. You cut your first two teeth this month, right in the front of your mouth on the bottom. You feel them with your tongue ALL the time.

We think you have Adam's skin color. Your face gets red really easily and you are extremely fair skinned. You even got your first sunburn on your arms the other day. I'm admittedly not that great about putting sunscreen on your brothers, but I'll have to be better about it with you.
You are still a great sleeper. Two solid naps during the day, ranging from 45 minutes to sometimes closer to 2 hours. You are nursed to sleep by 7:30 or 8pm most nights. You usually sleep through the night until around 5am, when I nurse you and put you back in your crib to sleep until around 7am. I don't mind that 5am wakeup call at all. You are so happy when you see me come into your room and I love that quiet time in the morning with just the two of us.
You eat dinner with the family now, sitting in your little lamby seat next to the table. I'm hoping to transition you to a high chair as soon as you can sit up on your own. So far you are open to trying new foods but I wouldn't say you love eating. You do seem to really enjoy sweet potatoes though! So far you have eaten brown rice, sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, green beans and butternut squash.
We introduced you to the exersaucer and the doorway jumper this month. You have so much fun sitting in them, seeing everything from a new perspective!
Because you are such a happy baby you smile a lot. It's like when you see a face looking at you, you just can't help but smile back. I love seeing your cute smile. But on occasion your smile does take you from cute to......kind of crazy. Here is an example. See? You just can't contain yourself.
You are still my smallest baby, weighing somewhere between 14 and 15 pounds right now. At 6 months both your brothers weighed 16 and a half pounds! You have a longer, less round head than your brothers, but your cheeks and chins are still nice and chubby. You still don't have a lot of hair but what you do have ia a light sandy blonde.
I love seeing your little personality beginning to emerge. You're starting to get a little bit silly and playful. Sometimes while I'm nursing, you will stop, look up at me and smile, then pretend to nurse again. Then you'll look at me and giggle and smile. Then go back to nursing. You are too cute!
I love you sweet baby Jenna Mae! (AKA: Goo-Goo-Mae, Jenna Mae Ah-Goo, Sweetness)

Here is a fun comparison of you and your brothers, all at the age of 6 months.
I definitely see similarities between all 3 of you!

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