Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Extrovert Child

Lucas exhausts me. And until recently, I couldn't exactly pinpoint why. Sure, he's a demanding toddler who has endless energy. He has a big personality. He would exhaust anyone. But for some reason his personality really drains me.
I am somewhat of an introvert. After being with an extrovert for a while I feel like I need a little break. I need to go and collect my thoughts and stop talking. I need to not always be "on". My brain starts to feel a bit scrambled when I don't have a chance to be by myself and just think. It's like I get overloaded with information and my head starts to feel foggy. When I have a chance to be by myself, even for 20 minutes, it helps to recharge me.
Lucas is an extrovert. He needs someone to listen to him, talk to him, look at him, validate what he's doing, entertain him, laugh at him and give him attention. ALL DAY LONG. He never goes off by himself to just play quietly for a few minutes. He wants to be around me at all times. And it's not enough just being near me. If he is talking, I must look at him and actually pay attention. AT ALL TIMES. If I dare to turn my head or act at all distracted, he will grab my face and pull it back so I am looking at him. If I say "just a minute" he throws a fit that will turn into a tantrum. Lucas has been labeled a "handful" many times. But I'm finally realizing he is more than just a demanding toddler. He is a true extrovert.
I'm sure his personality will serve him well some day. And even now his extrovert personality can be really funny and entertaining. But oh my goodness, sometimes I just want a little break! I can't count how many times I have asked Lucas to "PLEASE JUST STOP TALKING FOR A MINUTE!".
I'll appreciate it someday when he's a grumpy silent teenager, right??

Do you have an extrovert child? How do you handle it if you are more of an introvert?

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I've read a few of your blog entries about Lucas, and wonder if you've ever considered having him evaluated for special education preschool through your local school district? I work for a school district preschool program, and we frequently see kids just like Lucas who have a developmental delay in their social-emotional/behavioral skills. The early intervention services for behavior can make a world of difference, and help your sanity too!