Monday, March 30, 2015

A Million Beautifuls

I feel like Ryan is changing so much as he approaches his fifth birthday. One minute he will be sweet as sugar, and the next he'll be yelling at me and slamming doors like a teenager. Sometimes he'll say the smartest things, and other times he acts more immature than his little brother. 5 year old boys are complicated little people! Here are a few smart/sweet things he has said to me recently. I just want him to stay young and innocent forever! (And I don't care what anyone says. I'm not correcting him when he says fridgelator instead of refrigerator.)
"Oh Mommy I love Jenna's new dress! It's a million beautifuls!"

"You only gave me 2 vitamins. I'm 4 years old so I should get 4. That means I need 2 more vitamins, because 2 +2=4!"

 Ryan: "Did you know that some big kids say 'Mom' instead of 'Mommy'?"
Me: "Yes, but I like Mommy better."
Ryan: "Me too. 'Mom' is badder."

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