Thursday, March 26, 2015

New End Table

Back in October I blogged about our family room. I felt like it needed something to warm it up a little, or maybe a few pops of color. Here it is 5 months ago.
We've made a few changes in this room since then and I wanted to share them with you all.

Adam installed laminate hardwood flooring, which really helped to warm up the room. I also added a few coral colored decorations to bring some contrasting color into the room, as well as curtains.

 Did you notice our new end table?
Can you guess where it's from?
Adam made it for me! He's been wanting to build some furniture for us for quite some time now. He finally decided to make an end table since we didn't have one in the family room. Isn't it awesome? I can't believe how talented Adam is with these types of things. He is very confident when it comes to building or fixing things, even when it's something he's never done before. He gets an idea in his head and runs with it, and it always turns out great. 
He even added the L brackets on the corners to give the table more visual interest. Doesn't it look like something you could buy at Pottery Barn? It was the perfect addition to our family room!
 Can you guess what Adam's next project is??

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  1. I love it, what a beautiful table! Your husband is so talented!